Laser cutting

Laser cutting


Laser cutting is modern, quick and one of the most precise currently used technologies of sheet cutting.
We offer the complex services in range of laser cutting with use of modern machines from Swiss company BYSTRONIC:

  • BySprint 3015
  • BySprint Pro 3015 / 4020

Technical parameters:


  • Sheet dimensions: 3000x 1500 [mm]
  • Cutting thickness:
    • stainless steel – up to 20  [mm]
    • structural steel – up to 20 [mm]
    • aluminium – up to 12 [mm]



  • 100% repeatability;
  • Any shapes of cut elements;
  • Perfect quality of edges and surfaces;
  • Optimum material consumption;

We are able to realize various types of elements with use of laser technology, upon the basis of supplied models, technical drawings or CAD/CAM documentation